Strata & Multi-Unit Roofing

​Property managers trust Vintage Roofing for all their strata roofing needs. We only use the best quality materials that ensure our strata roofs durability and a quality appearance.



We provide roofing services to any type of strata, from multi-family units to apartment buildings or even complete apartment complexes.

At Vintage Roofing, we always consider your strata’s occupants. By staying in constant communication with your property managers, and occupants, we are able to keep any inconvenience to as minimal as possible.

We have years of experience working closely with property managers and strata councils in presenting detailed estimates with all options available so the councils and boards can make the most informed decision that is best for their complex. Vintage Roofing specializes in all types of roofing types including sloped and flat roofs.


Strata Roofing Maintenance

To make your strata roof last longer, we highly recommend our regular maintenance program. Our specialists will clean debris from your roof and gutter systems, while inspecting for and damage that should be repaired. A small monthly investment now will save you that big expense in the future.

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