Roof Maintenance

We currently maintain the roofs of many homes and businesses in and around the Victoria and surrounding areas.




Roof Maintenance Programs

Extend the life of your roof with a regular maintenance program from Vintage Roofing Ltd.

Exposed Nails

Nails can become loose and allow moisture into the home, quite often around vents, skylights and flashings. These will have to be re-nailed and sealed.


If your flashings are old, they often rust and crack, allowing water to run behind them and drip into the attic or lower levels of the building. Caulking can be a good temporary repair, however if the mortar is deteriorated, then repointing or even a chimney rebuild could be necessary.

Brick Chimneys

Cracks above the roof flashing will allow water to seep in, making their way down the chimney and coming out in an inner wall area, often showing up as stains or dripping water.

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