Asphalt Roofing

Available in organic and fiberglass mat, asphalt roofs are a very cost-effective and reliable option homes in Victoria and across Vancouver Island.



Asphalt Roof Benefits

Asphalt shingles are weather resistant which makes them an excellent choice with our unpredictable West Coast weather. Asphalt shingles will protect you for years to come with their ability to withstand torrential rainstorms, heat, cold, ice and sunlight. Asphalt shingles also provide fire resistance and are very affordable when compared to other roofing products, having a low annual/life-cycle cost. This is why they are one of the most popular roofing materials found in Victoria BC.

Asphalt Roofing is also stylish, available in a variety of pleasing colors, sizes and shapes giving us the ability to give your roof a unique and striking appearance. Asphalt shingles are also easy to maintain requiring very little upkeep or maintenance and are one of the easiest roofing products to repair or replace.

Reap the benefits of choosing an asphalt roof:

  • Weather resistance
  • Ease of application
  • Adaptability
  • Low maintenance
  • Fire resistance
  • Wind resistance
  • Economical
  • Aesthetics
  • Style suitability

Asphalt Repair

If you have an asphalt roof that has sustained storm damage from falling branches and debris, give us a call today for immediate roof repair service. The team at Vintage Roofing Ltd. is available 24hrs a day to fix your commercial or residential asphalt shingle or flat roof. We have the experience and know-how to quickly and expertly repair your roof.

Asphalt Replacement

If your asphalt roof is beyond repair and in need of replacement, the team of roofing experts at Vintage Roofing Ltd. will have your asphalt roof replaced within the agreed-upon time frame and within the agreed upon budget. Don’t settle for shoddy work that can damage your home, always use a reputable roofing company with a proven track record.

Asphalt Installation

One of the go-to materials for home owners looking to give their home a new roof, asphalt shingles when properly installed can provide a long-lasting, sturdy and good-looking roof. From your initial consultation with our asphalt roofing specialist, where we will go through your roofing needs, right through the final walk-through and clean up, our team has you covered.

Knowing when to replace your asphalt roof shingles

The following are indications that you should consult an experienced roofer about replacing your asphalt shingles:

  • Cracked shingles
  • Lifted shingles
  • Curled or buckled shingles
  • Missing shingles
  • Ceramic granules accumulating in your gutters and downspouts


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